Sunday, 17 January 2016


We all at a certain point of our lives are blessed by saints,preachers in some or the other way.Who made these special 'babas'saints??We all know the blessings which we get by our parents..the true benign blessings.We are on one hand told that if we have to find god on earth,we should instead of making religious errands from one place to another find the true god in our parents..the god even lies within ourselves..yet the blessings of our parents emancipate us from every worry.Now,the real question is if we know the address of god..which is our parents,then why are these saints part of god's ceremonies?Don't our parents teach us wonderful mysterious lessons about life?

Preachers and sadhus guide us the way our parents do,ultimately it is us who executes every actions.We need the blessing to perform our tasks efficaciously but we need to bless ourselves first.Blessing ourselves may sound befuddling but it can surprise us to a great extent.Making ourselves smile,happy,ebullient in a way is blessing ourselves..isn't it??

We could just hope everything to be best and let everything rest in the hands of god or in my parents..The result of our worries,problems may not always be solved by these saints!!
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