Monday, 25 January 2016

It's a story..

It's a story about a girl..i wonder how she feels with the dramatic chaos in her life..nothing is same for her..everthing is torn apart..alone in the dark she resides..with the morbid thoughts..with no inner peace there she is smiling for everyone else..she is afraid..bewildered,confined within help..she is alone..where should she go?what to do next is the only question popping in her mind..Does she deserves this??It's a story of a girl who is lost and want to be found out about her existence..whats wrong with her??she deserves to be emancipitated from every fear she has maybe she wants to fly in the sky..or maybe smile??It's a story..with the pain she carries..with the gloominess sorrounding her..Does she hates everything about life??What so sad has happened??she is in pain..minds conflicting..she is quiet with no toys to hug or friends to soothe..she needs someone..Its something more than a story..
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