Wednesday, 20 January 2016


"Damn this life".How many of us think this phrase once a while in our everyday lives?Let me tell you this is not an optimistic approach.Yes saying that life is not as easy for me as for you..or nobody understands my inner conflicts doesn't always solves questions.Pain is a part of life..Nothing can be static or same..things change..people change..Change is the law of nature!What happens if older generations fails to accept younger mind thoughts?Mayhem..turbulence that is the answer,so in order to avoid that parents need to accept our minds..They need to change to develop healthy relations with us..its difficult still many of them do..they change accordingly..Same is the case with our exhausting,morbid lives.People who get everything are actually lucky..maybe they must have bribed time,but that does not give us the authority to deteriorate ourselves or break our moral values just because life is being a tough one?I always believe in healthy relations,love,pure bonds.We all need to have faith that there is someone out there ready to help you,hug you..if you are not getting this person or thing maybe you have not given your best shot then!
     People unable to conceive a child would always wander from one sadhu to another for solutions..what such  cose-minded people do not realize is that if they adopt a child they still will make tremondous parents.So here is a lesson..find a right path to get wondrous solution..miracles are hidden in smallest box you could ever imagine.
Back in our childhood days..when we did not liked any other kid playing with our toys..what did our parents used to tell us??They taught us about is not necessary to share only the joy of our lives..Even today,if we tend to keep our sorrows confined to us..will that help us in any way?It would demolish our souls in the end so its better to share the pain..
Never give up on yourself..lets stop cursing our lives for what has happened cannot be undone in any way..lets deal with our lives productively.To loved and to be loved is the greatest joy..If you wished everything to be perfect in your life..i am sorry to break this news but you are born on wrong planet then!
No actual fairies exist godfathers exist but human beings can be your guardian angels many ways..keep exploring..they might ignite a light of hope..miracles for keep believing..
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