Saturday, 16 January 2016

refreshing thoughts..

Have you ever wondered why we always at a certain point of life become irascible with people 

inspite our own mistake?

            well,it is not always one's mistake even,still we carry an attitude of hostility.These 

facts does not remain a fallacy anymore now.People tend to take revenge,people tend to  

impious others.They will be dissonant by nature just because some people might have hurt their 

so called "ego"

actually,as it said by great men one should not carry egoism ,but let's be practical ..we all 

have been through that!!In real world maybe only the saints can practice it.Ego is not self-respect 

also..ego is simply about having an attitude of not taking a step forward for one-self.
           If  once we try to let this beautiful thing of showing reverance to humanity generate within 

ourselves..our souls may find  new place to serenity.....
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